Jump! Jump! (And sprint)

Jump jump 

The Mac Dad will make you jump jump 

Daddy Mac will make you jump jump 

Kris Kross will make you jump jump…

I took my rehab to the next level today, with sprints and jumping exercises. Sprinting to get my foot used to faster speeds, and jumping to strengthen the muscles. Once again the entire workout was pain free, but I was totally breathless and sweaty at the end. It’s exciting to see so much progress happening, and I’m excited to start adding more minutes to my runs soon – I’ve been keeping my workouts to about 30 minutes lately just to make sure everything is feeling good and to not re-injure my foot. 
On the menu for today was 8 x 30 second sprints, followed by 30 seconds of walking and 30 seconds of jogging after each sprint (with a jogging warm up and cool down of course), followed by some “line jumps” (I don’t know what else to call them). I hopped two-footed horizontally over the vertical line for 15 seconds, then two-footed vertically over the horizontal line for 15 seconds, then one-footed (right foot) horizontally over the vertical line for 15 seconds. And repeated all that jumping for a second time. My balance on the single-leg hops was not great, but that will come with time and continuing to do all the exercises assigned to me by my physiotherapist…and through the rest of my running days.

The next goal is to do 10 sprint repeats and the hopping exercises for 30 seconds each. Not going to rush it, but like I said, today felt really good.

Horizontal and vertical line jumps

Horizontal and vertical line jumps


Take it to the streets

I ran outside today. It was my first run outside in more than a month. And it felt great! I was a bit nervous about leaving the safety and predictability of the treadmill and track, but knew that this was the next step in my recovery. I took it easy and went back to a 3 and 1 workout, and did one of my easy, short routes. I’m pumped that it went well and there was no pain!

My workout:

3 minute walking warm up

3 minute run; 1 minute walk x 6

3 minute walking cool down

My pace was a bit slower than my last run on the track, but I don’t mind. Because I ran outside! On concrete! Pain free!

And, I finally got to take these babies out for an actual run. Love them!

Taking my rehab to the streets in a new pair of kicks

Taking my rehab to the streets in a new pair of kicks!

Next up: Adding in speed intervals. That’ll happen on Wednesday. Stay tuned.

Clockwise, counterclockwise

Now you’re, walking around in your circles.

Walking around in your circles, yeah.

Walking around in your circles, circles.

Walking around in your circles.

– Rainbow Butt Monkeys, “Circles”

Rehab runs #3 & #4 are in the books, and they were very successful! I took to the track to get rid of the steady pace security of the treadmill and to try a different surface with my foot. For run #3 I ran counter-clockwise and today I ran clockwise, just to see if it would be irritated in a different direction. Both runs were pain free, which I am super stoked about! The only pain I had was a slight pain in my inner ankle when I picked up the pace for the last minute of today’s run, but nothing major. I just really wanted to see what I could do and what sort of progress I am making.

I also played slo-pitch last Friday for the first time in over a month. I ran the bases once and felt ok (probably ran a bit too fast, but it’s hard to run slow after you’ve hit the ball and need to get to first base!). The inside and outside of my arch was a bit sore after two games, likely from planting my foot repeatedly while pitching. Stretching and strengthening exercises continue every day.

I’m really excited about this progress. I have another physio appointment tomorrow so we will see what’s next. I hope to do a road run soon, and I have at least six games of slo-pitch this weekend. 

Rehab Run #3

6 minute walking warm up, 3 minutes running with 1 minute walking (x6), 6 minute walking cool down.

Rehab Run #4

6 minute walking warm up, 4 minutes running with 1 minute walking (x5), 6 minute walking cool down.

Progress is a wonderful thing!


I was supposed to run a half marathon yesterday. The annual Stampede Road Race. I was striving for a 2:30 finish when I started this training cycle. Instead, I have a Did Not Start. The day came and went, and other than some posts I saw on social media, I didn’t really think about it. I’m in a mental place where I know it wouldn’t have been possible to run, so I wasn’t upset. My focus is on getting healthy so that next year I can come back stronger, and maybe even have a sub-2:30 goal. And with the crazy heat we’ve been having here, I am sort of glad I didn’t have to run it.

Instead, I spent the day with friends and family. It was a great day. No regrets or disappointment with the situation at all.

I did my second rehab run today and it went pretty good. Back on the treadmill and increased my intervals by a minute – 3 minutes running with 1 minute walking for 6 rounds. There is still a bit of stiffness in my toes, but it went away after the second round, same with the bit of pain on the inside ankle. I’m not at the speed I was before the injury, but I’m happy to just be running and seeing improvements. I’m going to try my next rehab run on the track, so fingers crossed it goes well. I know I push myself harder without the security of the treadmill keeping me at a set pace, but I know I will need to reign it in to keep seeing improvements.

Rehab run #2

Getting stronger

I know you’ve all been anxiously waiting to hear an update after my physio appointment this morning, so here it is.

My foot is getting better. The flexibility is increasing, which is great. I need to add some strength and balance exercises into my rehab to get it stronger and better than it was before. I can get off the disabled list with my slo-pitch team (but will need a pinch runner from first base for the next while). I can continue on with the run/walk intervals on the treadmill/track, increasing the running time, but not going longer than 30 minutes total per workout. 

I’m happy with this. I’m healing and getting stronger, and that is what is important right now. It sucks that this setback has happened, and that I had to cancel this week’s half marathon and next month’s marathon, but I know I’m getting older and my body can’t take the poundings I gave it years ago. I’m going to keep up with the deep water running even after I am allowed to return to training, because I know that will keep me healthier for the long term. 

So we will see how the next two weeks go with the new exercises. Physio again in two weeks and hopefully we will see more progress!