I’ve been lucky. I’ve never been an injured runner. I’ve trained for three marathons since 2011, and my body has held up.

But now I’m one of them. The injured. The frustrated. The upset.

Mind you, it’s only been 4 days. It happened on my 12 mile run this past Saturday. I had just started mile 11 when my right foot started hurting really badly across the top and into the inside of my arch. I finished the last mile and went home. Stretched. Elevated my legs. Went on with my day. Took an Advil before going to bed that night.

Sunday wasn’t too bad. My foot wasn’t that sore. I had some pain in my right shin, but just thought of it as the natural soreness I get after running that many miles. A little niggle in my right calf, but nothing to be worried about.

Monday, a little pain in the arch of my foot, the shin, the calf. Again, nothing to be worried about.

Tuesday. I got up at 5 a.m. to get my 6 miles in before work. Foot felt ok. Shin was a little sore, but I figured it would loosen up along the way. Nope. As soon as I started running, my foot hurt, my shin hurt, my calf was talking to me. I made it a mile and had to turn around a go home…walking.

The Edmonton Marathon is in 11 weeks. I wanted to nip whatever this is in the bud right away. I went to the medical clinic on campus this morning and saw a doctor. It could be a stress fracture. It could just be something with the muscles. Go get an x-ray and a referral for physio. Rest. Don’t do anything that puts too much weight on it.

X-ray done. First physio appointment tomorrow. Fingers crossed this isn’t anything major. My biggest fears are already swirling around in my head. But I know I shouldn’t panic yet.

Stay tuned…