These feet

These feet.

These feet did not run a marathon today.

These feet did not cross the finish line in Edmonton.

These feet did not feel the pain of 26.2 miles, or the joy of having that finishers medal hung around my neck.

These feet did not endure miles and hours of training over the last 16 weeks.

These feet (especially the right one) experienced injury for the first time, and frustration as their goals slipped away.

These feet went through physiotherapy and rehab this summer. Stretches, balance work and strength exercises.

Instead, these feet moved the decimal point to the left, and ran 2.62 miles this morning, and thought about all the people 3 hours north feeling the joy of crossing that finish line.

But these feet aren’t done. These feet will continue to get stronger and will keep running, and will toe the start line again in the future.

These feet have big plans and won’t give up that easily.

These feet will keep running for years to come.


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