So, she runs

I’ve never been nervous before a run, except for my first marathon. Today, as I anticipated the time when I could head to the gym to do my running test, I had butterflies in my stomach. Thoughts swirling around my head that this was going to end badly. 

After an 8 minute walking warmup, I started the cycle of running for 2 minutes, walking for 1. I did that for 7 rounds. I took it easy at a 4 mph pace during the run portions. There was pain in my inner ankle. Some tightness and some niggling (it wasn’t painful but something was there) in my big toe and along the base of my toes on the top of my foot. I wasn’t has fluid and relaxed as I have been. I noticed every little thing that was happening in my right foot and leg. The good thing was there wasn’t so much pain that I had to stop.

A few hours later and my foot is ok. Maybe a little achy, but nothing serious. Physio tomorrow morning so I guess we wait and see what he says.

Patience is a virtue….


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