16 weeks

Today marks the first official day of marathon training. I will be running the Edmonton Marathon on August 20. This will be my fourth marathon, and the first since 2014. After a few years off of serious running, I was getting the itch to do another, and Edmonton is close, so why not.

I have a goal time in my head, and I know what I will have to do to accomplish it. I think I can do, and I think I have a solid plan to get there. 4 days a week of running, including hills and speed work, one day of full body strength workouts, and a core/mobility/hogs workout each week. I’m also planning on get a massage every two weeks, because when I did that for the last one, I found it helped a lot. I’m not sure how I feel about training in the heat of the summer, but that’s what early morning, pre-work runs are for, right?

A week of training

A look at one week in my training cycle

Getting enough sleep will be an issue for me, but I know that from the outset, so I can work on that from the get go.

My training plan is from Runner’s World. I’ve put all my workouts into my calendar…I know the days might change, but the goal each week will be the same.

Training plan from Runner’s World magazine

Stay tuned for how training is going. Happy running everyone!

And for good measure –  selfie from this past Saturday’s 15k race…because who doesn’t run a race before starting a training cycle??

Selfie from Eyeball the Wall 15k


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