Burning bridges

Crowchild Underpass

The bridge under Crowchild Trail, one of two bridges I have to cross on my weekly run commute.

To get anywhere in Calgary, you’re going to have to cross a bridge. We have so many bridge over the river, we have underpasses and overpasses – they’re pretty unavoidable if you’re moving about the city.

I hate bridges.

Ok, I don’t hate them, but I hate running across them. When I encounter a bridge on my run, I walk across it. When I run across them, they bounce and sway, and give me a weird feeling with the water or traffic or whatever moving in a different direction than the direction I’m moving. It doesn’t matter if it’s a training run or a race, I will walk across the bridge. Maybe it stems from my first gondola ride in Jasper when I was ten, and I sat on the floor in the middle of the car so I couldn’t see out the windows and the vast nothingness below. Maybe I have a hidden fear that the bridge will collapse while I’m running across it.

Who knows?

All I know is that I will continue to walk across bridges when I’m running, and enjoy the view and that short break that walking provides.


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