What I think about when I’m running – Las Vegas


Because I didn’t run when I was in Las Vegas for a conference last week. Not that I didn’t want to, but I just didn’t. And I’m not going to rattle of a list of excuses for it either. I just didn’t run.

I thought about running though.

I thought about how I signed up for the Edmonton Marathon before heading south, and how training would start in early May, and how not running for a week while in Vegas, and likely not running for a week next week while in Toronto, probably wouldn’t help the process, but I would deal with it.

I thought about how my Oiselle singlet was probably sitting in my mailbox at home, cold and alone, after floating through the USPS system in Kent, WA for longer than necessary. And how cool it was going to be to finally put it on for my 15k Eyeball the Wall run on April 29.

I thought about the crappy (but delicious) food I was eating in Vegas and that I knew I wasn’t making the best choices, but hey, you only live once.

I did do a couple short yoga sessions and some mobility exercises though. And we walked a lot. It’s not like I sat on my butt for a week and did absolutely nothing.


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