Too cold to run?

This past Sunday, I ran the 30th St. Patrick’s Day Run, held by Strides Running Store. Last year, the weather for the race were pretty ideal. Overcast, about 10C, pretty good. This year, I was looking forward to running the 10k again…until I saw the weather forecast. Cold. Snowy. Cold. I went back and forth about running it. I’ve been really wimpy this year and haven’t run outside all winter. It has been cold with lots of snow, and my brain just couldn’t wrap itself around running outside. But I sucked it up and decided to run.

I bundled up – three tops, two pairs of pants, gloves, tuque, warm socks and a jacket. I don’t know about you but I’d rather be too warm than cold. I hate being cold. Thankfully the school where the run started was open so we didn’t have to wait outside before the start. I felt pretty good through the whole race, despite not having run in the cold and snow all season. I felt strong, thanks to regular strength training and yoga. And I finished in 1:14, which is good for me. Overall, happy with the race. The only thing I wasn’t happy with was the difficulty finding some water at the end, but thankfully my car wasn’t parked to far away with a bottle of water waiting for me inside.

Plus, I treated myself to a Chai Mocha afterwards to warm myself up again. 🙂



The joys of my last name starting with A is that I usually have race numbers like this.


-19C when I started the race, -17C when it ended.


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