Creating a healthy body from the inside out

For years, I struggled with minor stomach issues, mostly when I ate mass produced foods – catering at work events and eating at some of the healthier food court establishments at work. And usually, within an hour our so, my stomach would start to get rumbly grumbly. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It didn’t often happen when I ate food I cooked myself. It was frustrating, because I’m sure like all of you, sometimes I just don’t want to cook or pack a lunch for work.

In early January, after doing some research, I started taking a probiotic. And you know what? My issues have pretty much stopped! I was skeptical at first, but it really has made a huge difference! I’m not saying I have stopped cooking or bringing my lunch most days, but to know that if I want to go out for lunch or eat some of the offerings at our events at work, and not regret it later…it’s just feels so good! And how hard is it to take a pill with breakfast every day? Pretty simple if you ask me, and totally worth it with the results I have had by doing so.

Have any of you ever experienced these issues? What have you done to combat it?



One thought on “Creating a healthy body from the inside out

  1. Glad you’ve found something that helps! As an IBS sufferer, I totally understand this. Probiotics help me to a degree but not entirely. At potlucks I have to be cautious, and I have “go to” fast foods that after much experience, I have a good idea which ones are safe. I saw a dietician through my doctor (free) and she helped me greatly to understand a lot about what foods we eat are more easily digestible and how to combine to more indigestible foods with others to lessen the risk of stomach upset. The one I saw was through a program called “The Primary Care Network”. I wonder if you have something like that in your area? It was a huge help to re-learn how to eat, and things are easier for me now.

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