Hip to the Hop

It’s a long weekend here in Alberta, and I took an extra day off today to make it a four-day weekend. And it’s a beautiful day outside today…but here I am writing a blog post and not running.

Why? Because I have an injury. I seem to have tweaked my hip when I was snowshoeing through some pretty deep snow last Sunday. It seemed fine on Monday, and I went to the gym for a workout, which included a 1 mile run. Monday night it started to hurt. Tuesday was really sore all day, and Wednesday was fine for most of the day, but I wanted to give my hip one more day to get better. Thursday it was sore on and off, so clearly not ready for a run. It’s been driving me crazy because it has been so nice here weather-wise this week, and all I want to do is go out and enjoy the sunshine and do some puddle-jumping from all the melting snow.

But here I am, writing a blog post about my running sorrows, and all the things I think about when I’m injured and not running:

“Stupid hip.

Stupid deep snow and stupid snowshoeing.

Stupid hip.

Stupid nice weather being super nice on a long weekend.


But I know I can’t wallow in my sorrows forever. All is not lost. I can ride the bike, do some yoga, and get back into doing my butt strengthening exercises, which admittedly, I have been ignoring lately because everything was feeling great with my running. Lesson learned.

And until I can run again (hopefully at some point this long weekend!), I can think about running and how my stupid hip has derailed me.

Run healthy everyone!


I’ve been doing a lot of walking this week to at least enjoy the great weather in some way. I just wish there were running shoes on those feet!



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