Sometimes, more often when it’s cold, I get foot cramps. And often, they happen in the evening after I’ve gone for a run at any time that day. This orange ball (a floor hockey ball) is a lifesaver in my attempts to reduce them. I find that when I roll the ball under my feet for a few minutes, the cramps don’t happen.


I take a calcium-magnesium supplement when I go to bed, on the recommendation of my massage therapist (who I need to make a visit to soon!) when I told her I still sometimes get leg cramps when I’m sleeping…I thought I was past that teenage torture method… I’m not sure if it’s working for foot cramps, but I can say I rarely have leg cramps since I’ve started taking the supplement.

Is it weird that these foot cramps happen more when my feet are cold? Do you get foot cramps? Any suggestions on therapies or remedies that work for you? I’d love to hear them!


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