What I think about when I’m running – Track run (January)

A lot of stuff goes through my brain when I’m running, especially when I’m running on the track or treadmill. So, I decided to share my thoughts with you!

Track run – January 24, 2017

I’m really looking forward to a steady state treadmill workout!

Oh wait, all 15 treadmills are in use. Guess I’ll hit the track…again.

Ok, 16 laps. Let’s start on the outside lanes.

1 lap
2 laps
3 laps
4. Switch! (to the inside lanes)

Wow, that guy is really bouncy.

I hope these girls don’t do their lunges in my lane.

4. Switch!

That person has really heavy foot steps.

Ooh! Good song! Pick up the pace!

Phew! 4! Switch!

2.5 miles. Ok, let’s go for 3 miles.

Seriously! This last half mile is taking forever!

Another person with heavy footsteps.

Finally done! Sweet! Negative splits and a faster pace than I was planning to do on the treadmill!

Yay me!

What thoughts go through your head when you’re running around in circles?

25 laps total; 3.01 miles; total time 35:57; average pace 11:57″/mile.1280px-phodopus_sungorus_-_hamsterkraftwerk


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