Just do you

I’ll admit it. I subscribe to newsletters, like Facebook pages, and follow people and companies on Twitter that claim they will help me better – at my job, in my relationships, in my community, in my creativity…in life. Articles about how to be more productive every day, how to make lunches my coworkers will be jealous of, how to invest my money to make millions. Article and websites with 10 (or 7 or 5 or whatever the magic number is) tips and tricks on how to be more productive in the morning, how to get your coworkers to like you, how to spark your creativity for that million dollar idea.

And after reading all of that stuff, do you think I do any of it? Do you think I’m doing all of the things the “experts” tell me to do to make me higher/faster/stronger/productive/creative…better? No, I’m not. You know why? Because I can’t change who I am deep down inside. I can only be me; I can only DO me. If all of those articles I read really worked, I would be blogging every day, inspiring everyone with my brilliant ideas, and rolling in the Benjamins because all of you were taking my advice (sound or not) and listening to me preach…trying to be me.

DSC_1714But that’s not reality. Look back at this blog and tell me the list time I wrote something. Or the last time before that. The creativity and brilliant ideas aren’t coming at me a mile a minute, despite what I’ve read. My days at work are structure how they are, because I know what works for me, not because of what some business magazine wrote in an article. I’m running better and more consistently because I’ve figured out what make me want to run and what I need to do to keep that mojo going, not because of what the “expert” said in a tweet.

We’re constantly looking for inspiration from external sources to make our lives better. But you know what I realized today while lying in bed today, having just woken up from a power nap? It all comes from inside yourself. You need to just do you, I need to do me, and the greatness will come. Stop trying to live up to others standards and expectations…

Wait…if you’re going to follow any advice…just do you.


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