Abolish these bad punctuation habits

A great image from The Visual Communication Guy on the seven deadly sins of punctuation. Are you guilty of any of these? Are there any missing?



2 thoughts on “Abolish these bad punctuation habits

  1. Sorry, I’m not fond of that graphic. Many of the “rules” for punctuation apply only to the U.S. (especially when it comes to quotation marks and the placement of a comma and period). There are too many misspellings (lillies?) and typos (eg, hightlight) for it to have any credibility. The list of “acronyms” contains several items that are not acronyms, but abbreviations (an acronym is pronounceable). And some of the “rules” are just plain wrong. The apostrophe after the S on plural nouns is correct for the possessive of nouns with regular plurals; it is not universally wrong as the graphic alleges. And more…

    This looks like a graphic from someone fond of graphics, but short on basic information about grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Laura. In my rush to post the image, I didn’t catch the spelling errors and typos. Maybe we should rely on graphic designers to write copy!

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