First world problems indeed

People are upset about whatever it was that Miley Cyrus did at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. Social media as exploded with people who are disgusted with her actions during a performance with Robin Thicke.

You know what, she’s a grown woman. She can do what she pleases and she doesn’t have to answer to the criticisms or questions of the rest of the world. Sure, she’s not Hannah Montana anymore, but that’s ok. She’s also not 12 anymore.

And you know what? If you keep talking about how disgraceful she is and how she should be ashamed of what she did, she’s going to keep doing it, because it gets attention. Haven’t you all heard that if you ignore something or someone, it usually just goes away?

Let’s start worrying about the real world problems, like forests that are burning, people who are dying of preventable diseases, banks run by crooks, and leaders of political parties smoking pot (just kidding on the last one).

Thanks for reading my Tuesday morning rant. Because seriously people, there are more important things happening than Miley Cyrus wearing a nude outfit on an award show for music videos.


2 thoughts on “First world problems indeed

  1. While I do agree that the whole thing is a big over the top, I do think that these trending topics (e.g. Who is playing batman in the next movie) are part a way of blowing off steam. The crisis is Syria and Egypt and global warming are all very serious things and if we all focused on only that, life would be too hard. Sometimes it’s the little trivial thing that get us through our days. Passion and our opinions help us define our own values and sometime life just needs to have some silliness.

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