The perils of planning in advance

I’m in Toronto attending a conference, but that’s not what this post is about. As I’m sitting here in Toronto I’m watching the news of the local state of emergency happening in Calgary and area due to a crazy amount of rain. And while I scan Twitter for updates on the emergency and what people are doing to stay safe and help others who may be being evacuated, I keep seeing tweets from Calgary businesses, community groups and events, and even the high-brow lifestyle magazines (*cough*Avenue Magazine) talking about block parties for a music featival and “9 things to do in Calgary this weekend.”

No doubt, a lot of these tweets were pre-scheduled, and their social media managers aren’t paying attention to their accounts, but it’s important for businesses and organizations to pay attention to what is going on in their communities and perhaps reschduling their posts or posting something that is a litttle more relevant.

Remember, social media is supposed to help you stay in touch with your community and environment. Pay attention to whatbis going on. You can always tell people what they should be doing this weeeknd tomorrow.


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