A New Year’s resolution for communicators

Originally published on the IABC Calgary blog, January 14, 2013.

At the beginning of my yoga class yesterday, the instructor reminded us that these 70 minutes were our time – our time to let everything go and to slow down. And, typical for me, after a comment like that, I started thinking about work. (I’ve also been known to think about eating a McDonald’s hamburger during Savasana…)

As demonstrated in a recent, and pretty factual, video called “Stuff PR people say,” by Hunter PR, communicators and PR practitioners are very busy and want stuff done now (or yesterday, depending on how important it really is). But, is everything we do or need really that urgent? Do we really need a response to an email one minute after we send it, or 15,000 brochures printed by the end of the day?

Maybe we all need to make a resolution for 2013 to slow down, take pause and really appreciate the work that we do and love. After all, if it needed to be done yesterday, we would have done it yesterday.

What’s your communications or PR resolution for 2013?


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