By the glow of the alarm clock

By the green glow of the alarm clock at 3:33 a.m. and with my partner snoring annoyingly beside me, sick with a cold and miserable, I laid there and thought. I thought about the questions I would ask as a result of what ended up being a bit of a crappy day yesterday. If I was asked how I felt about it, I thought about what I would say, the conversation running through my head like it had already happened. I thought about writing this blog post…

As communications experts, we are expected to be able to communicate effectively at the drop of a hat, to be ready to go with our key messages and answers as soon as the other person stops talking. But then we get in those situations that catch us off guard, that maybe don’t necessarily give us the option to respond at that moment…and so we lie in bed and think of all the perfect things we should have said, by the glow of the alarm clock…


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