Alberta’s election and amazing social media

You may or may not know that Alberta will be going to the polls on April 23. It’s a pretty heated battle between to conservative/right parties, with some parties on the centre and left trying to make some in-roads with all the in-fighting happening amongst the two conservative parties. As you can imagine, tweets are constantly flying around (follow #ableg, #abvote #abparty for some insight), friends are sharing their thoughts on Facebook, and videos are being created to convince citizens to vote for one party or another.

A couple of great examples of social media use have surfaced in the last couple of days. These links do not necessarily promote who I think I’m going to vote for. I just think they are great uses of social media, especially when trying to get out the vote with the younger generation of voters, who are typically known to be pretty apathetic when it comes to elections.

Check them out and let me know what you think:

“Get out the vote, Alberta.” (for all you Trailer Park Boys fans out there)


I Never Thought I’d Vote PC


 Dani Dollars (donate your Dani Dollars for a good cause)

Tory or Wildrose? (A quiz to find out if you know which party said what)


2 thoughts on “Alberta’s election and amazing social media

  1. As the two presidential parties move toward their nominating conventions this summer, officials on both sides are eager to demonstrate their technological and new-media savvy to a new generation of voters.

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