Yoga people aren’t all that open-minded after all

I saw this article this afternoon after my computer crashed at work. I was cruising the Globe & Mail website on my BlackBerry and had to read it, because the title intrigued me (as a good headline always should). Read the article by clicking here.

Let me first say that I do yoga, although not religiously (wait…can I talk about religion and yoga in the same breath?). And, I’ve read Atlas Shrugged.Several times. One of my best


buddies suggested that I read it about 8 years ago, and I’m glad he did.

What really bugs me is how angry people (read: “yogis”) are getting at Lululemon for creating these shopping bags. Even if Lululemon is a little off on the whole meaning of the book, part of the purpose of putting “Who is John Galt” on the side of their reusable bag (you know, the ones every trendy woman and yogi carries her gym clothes and lunch around in? Yeah, those ones), is to get people to think about how they can make their lives better, to take the bull by the horns and strive to accomplish anything they put their minds to. And to do all this without caring what other people and/or government (aka “the man”) thinks or says. You are your own person, so don’t be afraid to show it.

I especially enjoy the part in the article where the “yogi” claims that the concepts in Atlas Shrugged don’t mesh well with the values of yoga…but doesn’t say what those values are. Was she around when yoga was first practiced hundreds of years ago? How does she know what the values of yoga are, and, more importantly, why doesn’t she explain how they aren’t compatible with what Ayn Rand was writing about more than 50 years ago?

Oh, and her quote about “I don’t want people looking at me with that little logo on my pants or on my hoodie and thinking I’m going home to read Atlas Shrugged after, you know, downward dog…” Can you really judge someone based on the logo that’s on their hoodie? Conservatives, liberals, communists, existentialists, athiests…they’re all wearing Lululemon. I’ll bet John Galt and Ayn Rand would wear a Lululemon hoodie, just because they are so damn comfy! What you decide to read on your own personal time should not have any bearing on the clothes you wear (and vice versa).

(I know this post is really about communications, but it is a rant, so it still fits in a bit. Anyway, I had to get this off my chest because I found it so utterly ridiculous.)

I applaud Lululemon for asking “Who is John Galt” on their shopping bags. Personally, I would be proud to carry my lunch and gym clothes around in that bag. And I would be proud when people asked me about it, because it would get people thinking in a different way, maybe even a scary way. And I encourage everyone to read Atlas Shrugged…just don’t think about getting cozy in your Lululemon attire first.

(To read Lululemon’s blog post about the bags, click here.)



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