Can politics be fashionable?

nothing wrong with a pop of colour

As I was cruising the Globe & Mail site on my BlackBerry last night, I came upon this article, clicking on it because I thought it would be an interesting read. But, I couldn’t get past the picture that was included. EVERYONE is wearing the same colour suit, except for the woman on the right at the front.

I know we are just starting to break free of the “old boys club” mentality here in Alberta, but we have a new premier. She is a woman. And a woman should not be judged by the clothes that she wears to do her job. Does Alison really have to settle for the charcoal grey suit, the same thing every male in the picture is wearing? Could she not add a bit of colour to feminize the outfit a bit more?  Alison is a woman ready to take our province to the next level…can she not start by thinking outside the black and white clothing box?


One thought on “Can politics be fashionable?

  1. Politics can definitely be fashionable, but it’s important to follow your own style. I don’t know if your new premier used to wear coloful clothes, but maybe her style is that of charcoal suits.

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