What will happen to the iWorld now?

Steve Jobs passed away today, succumbing to a rare form of pancreatic cancer. I saw the news on my Facebook news feed first, and thought “oh well.” He is currently trending on Twitter (and probably will for the next 24 hours, at least), and I’m still not interested.

You see, I never got absorbed in the Apple/iXXXX world. I had an iPod Nano for about a year. Then the battery crapped out and I never went back. I never found a good reason to switch to an operating system that wasn’t always compatible with businesses I was dealing with, I couldn’t use the music in other programs easily (if at all)…and then there’s the whole not-compatible-with-Flash thing. I mean, really? Really. I never did, and never will, understand the hype.

I know millions of people think Steve Jobs was a genius, and yes he was. He made millions of dollars by sucking people in to a cult-like following, revolving around words following the letter “i”. But as I sit here, writing out this post on my BlackBerry, I still don’t see what the big deal is.

So Steve Jobs has passed. It’s sad, sure. But the world will still spin, the sun will still rise tomorrow, and some new genius will come along and brainwash people with the next big thing very soon.


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