Murdered over a social media post

I saw this article the other day in the Globe & Mail, and was shocked by it. Can you imagine being murdered over something you posted on Facebook?

Sure, you’ve probably been really angry when your BFF posted that drunk picture of you at your work holiday party, or when your mother shared a photo of you, naked in the bathtub when you were 3 with all of your Flickr friends, but you probably didn’t retaliate in a violent way. Did anyone ever think they could be killed over something they posted online…or for that matter, for being a good citizen and trying to help your community?

As I was reading the article, I thought about the recent riots in Vancouver and London. If you were a witness to the events, and you posted a picture or a tweet, aimed at the local authorities, which could potentially result in someone being arrested and/or charged, would you fear retaliation? Would you think twice about it? Or would you think to yourself “I need to share this because I’m doing what’s right for my community, and justice needs to be served”? Will you think twice about it now?

We share a lot with each other and with strangers in this 24-7, interconnected social world, and everyone has a voice if they want it. Do we need to live in fear that something we post, something that could help better our lives and our communities, result in our own death?


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