Social media rallies the troops…again

London is burning. Ok, maybe not all of London, but there is some pretty serious rioting happening in a section of London. And, like the recent hockey riots in Vancouver, social media is being used to rally citizens to come together and clean up their community. Once again, I’m in awe of the power of social media. It seems as soon as the first round of riots in London was winding down for the night, Facebook and Twitter were mobilizing the troops, sounding the horn, and getting all those with a heart ready to get together to start the cleaning process.

Social media really enhances the a person’s sense of community, even if you don’t know the name of your next-door neighbour. By joining together for the same cause online, people are becoming encourage to join the cause in reality. To stand up for what they believe in. Social media has given the nice guy a voice, rallying all the nice guys together for a cause, to show the world that someone out there really does care.


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