Calgarians learned yesterday that the new location of our central library will be in the East Village, as approved by City Council…or will it?  Turns out, Council didn’t have a chance to debate on that subject in their meeting yesterday, and a press release announcing the new location was sent out prematurely.  And, some local reporters announced the decision on Twitter (read the Calgary Herald article here).

So, how do you fix an “Oopsie” like this in our 24-hour instant news world?  The press release was recalled, but it was too late.  Will this error influence City Council’s decision on where the new library location will be?  Can they be unbiased and have a truly honest debate, looking at the facts and figures without thinking that the decision as already been made? 

And what happens to the person who hit “Send” on their email to send the press release out prematurely?


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