No apologies

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been nagging myself to write another post for my faithful followers. And every day, as bedtime draws near, I think to myself “oh well, maybe tomorrow.” But then the same thing would happen the next day, and the day after that…

I’m not here to apologize for being absent from my blog. The thing is, I haven’t had anything worthwhile to stay. And if I want you, my faithful followers, to keep coming back, I want to be able to provide something interesting and meaningful for you to read!

That’s the great thing about social media – it’s organic. Living by an editorial calendar for your blog posts, tweets or Facebook updates isn’t productive. You won’t create great content if you are forcing yourself to do it. And lately I haven’t had anything to write about, so why force myself to do it? So you can read a mediocre post and think “man, this chick is losing her touch…”

So here I am with no apologies. Reminding myself that social media needs to grow on it’s own. There may be droughts (seen my Twitter feed lately? Not saying much there either), and there may be periods of abundant growth. Just don’t force yourself to do it because you should. Do it because you want to.


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