Some thoughts on the Vancouver riots

My sister Jen posted this on Facebook following the Vancouver riots which took place last Wednesday.  It sort of makes you think about why it all happened.  Thanks Jen for letting me post this here and sharing it with all my readers!

Some thoughts on last night, and why.


Because the Canucks lost.

Because it would have happened if the Canucks won anyway, to some degree.

Because June is too late to be playing hockey.

Because the success of the Olympics made us complacent.

Because nothing had mattered in this city for weeks except hockey.

Because professional sports foster an us-and-them mentality.

Because 100,000 people is just a little more than a party.

Because the Granville “Entertainment District” is sketchy, at best.

Because the media kept asking “will there be riots?”

Because the media keeps calling them protesters and anarchists.

Because the cops couldn’t have won, no matter what happened.

Because the cops are young men too.

Because security gave up on confiscating alcohol.

Because of flimsy blue fences.

Because drinking yourself stupid is really Canada’s national pastime.

Because of advertising.

Because of the myth of youth.

Because you need a cool Facebook pic.

Because of the Internet.

Because of cellphones.

Because of social media.

Because all your friends were doing it.

Because there are so many luxury cars in this town.

Because having everything doesn’t mean having everything.

Because of nannies.

Because of strollers until you’re 5.

Because of playdates.

Because there’s no more playing until the streetlights come on.

Because we have no true coming-of-age rituals.

Because we have no true public festivals.

Because we have no true public institutions.

Because phys. ed. isn’t mandatory.

Because the future is more of the same.

Because your vote doesn’t matter.

Because of suburbia.

Because there’s no connection with nature.

Because there’s no connection with the world.

Because this is a city of contradictions.

Because life’s a beach, and then you die.

Because adolescence starts at 8.

Because adolescence ends at…

Because spectacle overrules real experience.



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