Social Media and the Stanley Cup Final

Did you see the Vancouver Canucks win the Stanley Cup last night?…

Wait, that didn’t happen. The Boston Bruins won (congrats Boston! You played a great series), and Vancouver fans, as good Canadian hockey fans, were not happy at all.

The booing started inside Rogers Arena, and when the 18,000+ fans spilled onto the streets after the Cup was hoisted by the boys in black and gold, the trouble began.

According to my Twitter feed, it started with a car that was flipped and then caught on fire. Then another one. I don’t have a huge following on Twitter, so my Timeline isn’t all that extensive, but the tweets, retweets, photos and comments started pouring in.

The funny part – the news outlets were the slowest to report anything. It seemed like at least 15 minutes after the first car was on fire that a news outlet was finally posting about it. Sure, they need to check their sources, but do they not have anyone reliable on their social media feeds that they can trust in a situation like that?

It still amazes me the speed at which news flies around the social media world. 17 years ago (the last time there were riots in Vancouver because they didn’t win the Cup), I’m sure everyone’s TVs were tuned to CBC for full coverage, which was probable very delayed. Heck, last night the CBC were still playing a bit of catch up, and their studio looks out over the main area where the car fires and idiocy started!

So, as the Vancouver Police Department scour Facebook pages today of people stupid enough to post photos of themselves and their friends taking part in the riots, I am somewhat thankful for the instant news feed social media has provided to us. And I am not so proud to call myself Canadian after the classless acts of a few Vancouverites last night.


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