Social Media and International Conflict

I found this very interesting article in The Globe and Mail today titled “How social media users are helping NATO fight Gadhafi in Libya.”  I found it extremely interesting, and simply amazing that someone 5000 miles away can help an international organization like NATO fight the baddies. 

I often forget the power of the internet, especially since the invent of Google Maps, Streetview and Google Earth, as well as publicly available satellite images.  You can see pretty much anything that’s going on in a neighbourhood at a given time.  I do wonder how long social media will be a useful tool in war, since it is a public forum for all to see (for the most part).  If you post the coordinates of what you think could be a terrorist stronghold on the Twitter feed of the good guys, the bad guys could potentially see it as well and prepare themselves.

All that aside though, don’t you think it is amazing?  Do you wonder, like I do, when the way we fight wars will drastically change because of the advances of technology and social media?  Will the be any place for the baddies to hide anymore?


2 thoughts on “Social Media and International Conflict

  1. Ali, Social media is a powerful tool indeed! My interest has been recently sparked by canadians using the internet and facebook to help identify the rioters and looters of the Vancouver riots. Some are even using social media to Shame the people who have been positively identified. In the case of people like Tim Kwong or Nathan Kotylak it no doubt convinced them to turn themselves in to the Vancouver Police Department.

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