Strategic or Tactical?


While in an interview the other day, I was asked the question about whether my communication style was strategic or tactical.  I immediately thought it was an odd question, because I believe that if someone is truly a good communicator/public relations professional, their style should encompass both. 

You should be able to develop an outstanding strategy for your client or employer, which will outline and support your amazing tactics.  And your amazing tactics should be in line with your outstanding strategy.  I’m not too sure how you can have one without the other.  I realize you could skip the strategy and planning all together and just focus on tactics, but how do you measure your success if that is your approach?  How do you prove your worth to your boss or your client, if you only focus on tactics?  And, if you are simply a strategic person, how do you execute?

So, you’re probably wondering how I answered the question.  Well, I replied with “a good communicator should excel at both, which I do.  You can’t have one without the other.”  Heads were nodding around the table, so I think I gave the right answer…


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