Should we rethink our strategy?

The Society for New Communication and Middleberg Communications announced the results of their 3rd annual “Survey of Media in the Wired World” today, and some of their findings may cause PR practitioners to stop and think (and possibly) reevaluate how we are communicating with the media.  The survey (you can read the full press release here) found that while 75% of reporters use Facebook as a tool to assist them with reporting, along with 69% using Twitter for the same reason, 54% of journalists still prefer to receive information via email, and 34% prefer a phone call. 

I’m not sure if I’m really surprised by these findings.  Many people are still skeptical about the accuracy and truthfulness of social media, and when your job is to report on the facts, you want to ensure that your information is correct.  Social media can be an effective way for journalists to track stories and issues, but a large portion still want to get the basic information straight from the horse’s mouth.

So, with this information, will you change how you communicate with reporters?


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