What about MY big news?

courtesy myecheckcorporate.com

There have been, and are, a couple of big events taking place around the world the past few days– British Royal Wedding, Osama has been killed, and a federal election taking

place today here in Canada.  And with all this big news, how do you decide, as a communicator or public relations professional, if it is an appropriate time to share your story with the world?  Do you think anyone will be issuing a press release today, in the hopes they will get a few column inches in the local newspaper?  Would there be some strategy behind sharing information today, if the information isn’t so good and could affect your company negatively?  I mean, hey, if you want a bad news story not to get picked up, today is probably the day to send it out.  Unless is relates to the death of Osama or the Canadian federal election, no one will really be paying any attention. 

It’s always good to have a back-up plan when you are planning to send out a press release or hold a news conference, because you never know what world event will take place moments before your event. 


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