Social Media the saviour for live TV

Let’s take a quick poll…how many of you have a PVR?  Ok, now how many of you record shows to watch them later and skip through the commercials?  Great.  Now how many of you still watch “live” TV…as in you turn on a show as it is actually broadcast, including commercials?  Probably more of you than you think.

I’ll admit, we record most of our favourite TV shows.  Mostly so we won’t miss them, because we can never guarantee that we will be home at the time that our shows are on.  But a surprising amount of Canadians are tuning in, on schedule to watch their shows…and social media seems to be a big player in that.  People watching their favourite hospital drama will tune in, and tweet, comment on Facebook, text, blog and so on about the show, while they are watching it.  It’s no different from when I was a teenager and would talk on the phone with a girl friend while watching our favourite cheesy teenage drama (original 90210 anyone??).  It’s really nothing new, it’s just that the technology has changed.  People will continue to talk about TV shows as they are watching them, no matter what method they are using.  It’s like the annoying kid who talks through all the good parts of a movie.  You’ll never get away from it.  In fact, it is what could probably save our traditional sources of media as we move into the future.  

Check out the Globe & Mail article that was the inspiration for this post.


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