For Hire

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I’m on the job hunt again.  This isn’t a post about how awesome I am or that your company would be better for hiring me (although it probably would).  This post is about a frustrating observation I have encountered in my last 4 weeks of job hunting. 

I graduated with my BA in Communications in 2003, and completed my Extension Certificate in Public Relations in 2006.  I didn’t start working in PR/communications until 2007, although some of the work I was doing while at the U of C was PR and marketing related.  So, if it is 2011 now, I’ve only had 4″ real” years of experience in PR and communications. 

For some reason, a lot of the companies and agencies out there think that 5 years experience is the magic number, and I’m not sure why.  Who is to say that someone’s 5+ years of experience is better than my 4+ years?  Isn’t it supposed to be quality over quantity?  And who decided that after 5 years, you are no longer a “junior”?  My current employer certainly didn’t.  I think they were asking for 5 years when I applied, which I obviously didn’t have.  (And no, that is not why I’m job hunting, I was one of the victims of a 550+ layoff that recently happened in the company). 

I think that working for an agency for 3+ years allowed me to gain much more experience than someone who worked in a big organization, focusing on only one kind of communication or project.  Being able to do work for a wide variety of clients for all areas of business was a great experience, and allowed me gain so much experience in a short amount of time.  Shouldn’t that count for an extra year of experience at least? 

Anyway, I’m trying to stay positive on this job hunt, and I know that something amazing will come along soon enough (hopefully sooner rather than later!).  It’s just a bit frustrating to have to deal with these silly “restrictions” and hope that you make it past the first screening and have the HR representative actually look at your qualifications and experience.


One thought on “For Hire

  1. .The recruiter will not even test an that does not have the required amount of experience. I remember making 10 10 years ago and that was cheap..Only profession I know that has gone down in wages rather than up. I am thinking of applying anyway to see what they would say especially because they know that my SIL trained me……

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