Posting Terrorism Threats on Facebook, Twitter

The US Government is playing with the idea of using Facebook and Twitter to keep its citizens informed of terrorism threats.  They also say that if posting the warnings will further enhance those threats, or risk exposing security intelligence or investigations, they won’t do it. 

So why bother at all?  Are they going to restrict the postings to only their friends or followers?  Until you’re screened by the account keeper for Twitter and FB, you won’t be able to see the threats?  And really, is it that important for Average American Joe to know what the current threat level?  If he doesn’t find out about it until the 11pm news, will he be worse off?    Wouldn’t all increases in the threat level compromise “top-secret” investigations the Department of Homeland Security is undertaking?  Why do I feel like there will be one post, a huge security breach of leaked information, and then the accounts go quiet?..


3 thoughts on “Posting Terrorism Threats on Facebook, Twitter

  1. The different levels trigger specific actions by federal agencies and state and local governments and they affect the level of security at some airports and other public facilities. Napolitano who made the announcement at said the color-coded system often presented little practical information to the public and that the new system will provide alerts specific to the threat and that they will have a specified end date. . As persons become habituated to the threat level being perpetually elevated they are increasingly likely to pay less attention to warnings issued..

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