Communications teams are a necessity for organizations

I feel like I’ve been in this industry long enough now to see the pattern. An organization needs to make cuts, and more often that not, one of the first departments to go is the Communications department.

It makes me laugh to think that every random Joe Schmoe can do this type of work. That he can create messaging that strikes a chord with employees or customers. He can write a communications plan or develop an advertising strategy that is effective and can actually be implemented. That he can speak to the media without causing harm to the company he’s representing.

It’s not an easy job. And not everyone can (or should) do it. There is a reason you can study it in university, why you can get accredited by professional associations.

And it makes me angry that after the communications department is cut…four months later, that same company is looking for communications people, or going to an agency for communications services.

Communications, and the people who are the experts in it, is a vital part of a successful organization. I just wish the suits who make the decisions would finally realize that…


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