iPad 2 shipments delayed due to earthquake in Japan

Apparently, Apple will have to delay shipments of the iPad 2, due to the earthquake in Japan.

As far as I can tell, Apple is more concerned about their profit loss than the actual suffering and hardships Japan is dealing with right now.

Maybe Steve Jobs should consider donating a (large) portion of his profits from iPad sales to help the recovery and rebuilding that will need to take in that country, rather than worrying about making sure he has enough units to sell.



2 thoughts on “iPad 2 shipments delayed due to earthquake in Japan

  1. Obviously, Apple has to get the units shipped and delivered asap. People all over are expecting them.

    I doubt it is a case that Steve Jobs doesn’t care about the earthquake victims in Japan. If anything it is the consumer that doesn’t pay any heed to the people suffering.

    • Do you not think that, if given a decent explanation, the masses waiting for an iPad will understand if there is a delay? The world won’t come to an end if someone doesn’t have the newest technology right away. We’ve survived this long without the latest and greatest, I’m sure we can survive another day, week, month, or (gasp!) year, if need be…

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