The importance of a good font

Companies, corporations, and organizations spend thousands and thousands of dollars selecting, developing or creating a font for themselves.  Something that evokes an emotional response, something that makes them stand out from the crowd, something that gets them noticed and helps bring in the money

Have you ever wondered if a personal font is important for your image?  The folks at Pentagram think so, and even have a site where you can go and find out what your font should be, based on  your response to 4 simple questions.  You can take the test here

As a blogger and wanna-be designer, I think it’s important to have an identity like this.  My font, according to Pentagram, is Archer Hairline.  Unfortunately, I have to pay a small fortune if I want to use it.  But it’s nice to know.  And I am curious to find out what effect using the font would have on the stuff that I do.  Would I get more readers?  More site visitors?  More Flickr comments? 

What font are you?  Do you think it fits your personality?


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