Redrum, or just plain cool?

First off, I will say that I am obviously not very hip, because I have yet to see this in Calgary.  This new concept for bathroom advertising is so cool!  AddMirror is using 2-way mirrors and motion-sensor technology to advertise in a whole new way (read the article from the Globe and Mail here). 

For years we have been bombarded with the static ads on the back of the bathroom doors, where the only benefit was that you had something to read (a downside – I often wanted to go shopping after I leave the ladies room).  Now you have TVs set up in bathrooms, on the stall doors, or even mounted on the wall in the change room at the gym.  They have sound and motion pictures – you can watch TV while on the can…isn’t that every man’s dream?

But this new technology is really neat.  It’s captivating, interactive, and unexpected.  People will leave the loo and tell their friends about it, prompting more people to visit the restroom just to check it out.  You have a captive audience (depending on how many drinks they’ve had, ha ha), and can target your message extremely well.  I imagine there may be benefits to the businesses who actually have the technology installed in their washroom – people will talk, and people may visit that establishment just to see the cool bathroom (you should ask my mother about how I always had to check out the bathroom at a restaurant when I was a child…).

My next question – can I buy their stock?


One thought on “Redrum, or just plain cool?

  1. TV in the bathroom is not just a man’s dream. Also mine. I was in a pretty classy bathroom with a tv in the stall door and did exactly what you said. Told all my friends and they all ran in to look also.

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