Social Media in the Court Room?

I stumbled across this story while browsing my Time magazine app on my BlackBerry the other day.  It’s about the question of whether Twitter should have a place in the court room. My thoughts – yes, but it needs to be monitored somehow.  I figure if they can allow Facebook posts and status updates as evidence in a court room, reporters should be allowed to tweet the proceeding, as long as they are still following the same laws/rules/regulations that are in place today (hence the need for monitoring it).

As our world becomes more “social” and plugged in, our institutions need to stay up to speed with the technology and how society is using it. The average citizen doesn’t just walk in to a court room on a random day to follow proceeding anymore; we need to be open and accessible to the people, and adapt to all the ways people are accessing that information.

So yes, allow social media in courts, but there needs to be a monitoring system set up before it gets out of hand.


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