“Best of 2010” lists

It’s that time of year – that time when everyone and their dog starts coming out with their “best of” lists for 2010.  Best photos, best dressed celebrities, worst dressed celebrity who pulled it off the best, best dogs, best cars, best YouTube videos. 

Sure, it’s fun to reminisce about everything that was great in a year, but who really cares?  If we didn’t remember the best on our own, is a list really required?  And who decides what “the best” is?  My best may be different from your best, or the guy in the cubicle 3 rows over from you.  Why do media outlets have to waste space with their version of “the best” lists? 

Maybe everyone should start doing daily “the best” lists – the best cup of coffee I had today, the 10 best minutes of my day, the 10 best breaths I took today.

Maybe media outlets should focus on the important things…like the 10 best WikiLeaks, the 10 best dropped bombs, or the 10 best government buyouts…


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