Engrained Corporate Speak

I was in a meeting yesterday with some colleagues from the company’s Corporate Communications department.  This meeting was to touch base with their team to discuss our team and how we can work together to help each other in our goals and plans.  About 10 minutes into our meeting, I realized I had heard this exact spiel before from the same guy.  And it got me thinking – how quickly does corporate speak become engrained into your brain, that you are not able to provide any new or original ideas. 

It made me really frustrated, because I was looking for new ideas on how we can spread the word about our group and our team, and I wasn’t getting anything new or exciting.  It was all about “yes, we need to engage our employees” and “yes, there are challenges…”  Hello!  You are Corporate Communications!  This is what you do everyday!  You engage our employees!  Work with me to use your techniques and experiences so we can reach out and touch the same employees to get our story out! 

I have discovered that working in a big company, I need to get used to the corporate speak, and I need to figure out how to break down that wall so I can get some new and innovative ideas and feedback from them, so I can be successful.  Any thoughts?


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