End of an era

Did you see this yesterday?  Sony is going to stop producing the Walkman cassette player.  You know, that big, bulky, black box you carried with pride on your hip for years, rocking out to NKOTB or Guns n’ Roses.   That wonderful invention that was a saviour for kids and parents alike on long road trips, when you were trying to escape the endless rants on CBC’s “Definitely Not The Opera”…or some similar horrible radio program that your parents listened to.  When you would slave for days over making the perfect mix tape, with seamless transitions and the best arrangement of songs.  No more needing 2 belts to keep your pants up when you attached it to your hip, or finding new batteries when yours died and you couldn’t make it to the store to buy new ones before the aforementioned road trip. 

The Walkman was better than the Discman, because you didn’t have to deal with the song skipping at the slightest bump or touch, always needing to find a flat surface for it to sit on, or it wouldn’t play.  And when your parents were nice enough to actually let you play your music on the car stereo, it was more likely that if you had a cassette, you could actually do it, blasting Snoop Dog though the speakers in the family station wagon. 

Definitely the end of an era…



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