How long is news new?

I was just surfing the web on my BlackBerry, and while on the CBC web page, I noticed that their “featured photo gallery” is still the rescue of the Chilean miners.

I realize that this was a big deal, but is it still “news”? Has nothing else exceptional, or for that matter, ANYTHING that warrants a photo gallery, happened since the 33 miners were rescued?

As I scrolled through the news headlines, I saw many stories that I’m sure could be told with a photo gallery…and then I stopped to think – people don’t want to see photos of death and destruction (and let’s face it, that’s all the majority of news is these days). They want to see photos of happy times. And I really can’t think of anything happy that has happened around the world since the miners were rescued. At least nothing that was reported on my CBC mobile app. And that just seems like a sad state of affairs…but that’s a post for a completely different blog…


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