Calgary voted, did you watch?

Calgary voted yesterday, and in a record turnout of over 50%, we voted in Canada’s first visible minority mayor. He beat out a 9-year alderman, and a local celebrity, former CTV news anchor, Barb Higgins.

Let me ask you this – did you watch any of the coverage on TV? If you did, your choices were very limited. Limited to 1 – Shaw TV, which was filming from is Barlow location, and featured a group of people who really had no right talking politics. Fraser from X92.9 was on there, slouching and lounging in his chair, predicting a win based on a popped collar (Mar vs. Pashak); a drinking game was being played by the know-it-all blogger, with a drink taken every time someone said Twitter, incumbent, percentage…the list goes on.

I know Shaw was trying to appeal to the youth voter, but that broadcast was one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

But hold on, where were the big guns in all of this? CTV, Global, CBC? Oh wait, they couldn’t interrupt their regularly scheduled program for an event that will shape our city for the next 3 years, with a voter turnout this city hasn’t seen since the 70’s. Way to go guys.


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