Reality TV Gone Too Far?

First off, yes, I will admit I am a Globe & Mail junkie.  If you’re going to read this blog, that’s something you will have to deal with 🙂

Now, to get to the real post.  I saw this article in, you guessed it, The Globe & Mail.  It’s about the Chilean who brought the historical rescue of the 33 trapped miners to the world through our TV sets.  To me, it reminds me a lot of that movie The Truman Show – creepy, but fascinating at the same time.  Here this guy is, capturing history, imposing cameras and directors and lights and microphones (oh my!)  into what should be a very intimate moment for the families and countrymen (and countrywomen) of these miners.  Did we really need it?  If CNN had set up their camera further back, and weren’t able to catch every tiny detail, would the rescue have been less amazing?  And really, what if something HAD gone wrong?  Would he have actually turned the cameras off and stopped filming?  Or would he have kept them rolling, knowing that somewhere in the footage, would be an Academy Award-winning shot?

Apparently there is already a book coming out on this story.  One miner already has offers for a TV deal.  I bet that as soon as mid-2011, there will be a movie, and some of the footage from the live broadcast will be used.  Is it too soon for people to try to make a buck off of this??


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